Purchase and sample songs from
A Search For Something Lovely and Precious Treasures
You can purchase a copy of the CD "A Search for Something Lovely " which was sent down to Earth for children everywhere by the MAGICAL TEDDIES and has Songs, Stories, Music and Poems which are fun and also remind children how special, beautiful and lovely they are!
This material is fun and interactive and provides children with the concept of themselves as unique, special and loveable, and promotes confidence and a sense of their intrinsic value and self-worth now and as they grow older, which are so necessary in today's world.  
The following are song snippets from the CD "A Search for Something Lovely"  in MP3  and other formats.
Listen to A Search for Something Lovely
Below is Marcella's latest album Precious Treasures.
This is a children's CD with powerful and uplifting songs, stories and poems which promote children's self-esteem, confidence and resilience and remind them how precious, special and loveable they are.
Listen to Precious Treasures
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