How Marcella found out about the Magical Teddies !

  Children.. the way I met the Magical Teddies was like this :
One afternoon when I was sitting outside in my garden in the warm sunshine, I suddenly saw a flash of very bright colour in the sky above me. It came closer and closer and settled on the branch of a tree near to me. To my surprise, I saw that it was a Teddy, very beautiful and loveable with wings, bright, shining wings, shimmering and sparkling in the sun. It was a

 Magical Teddy !
And as I watched, another one flew down and it was just as beautiful and loveable as the first one!

All day those Teddies stayed in my garden, flying about and playing and and telling me their story, about how they came to Earth to search for the precious and special treasure. And how they found Children !
The Magical Teddies love Children more than anything else in the Universe and they want Children everywhere to know how special, beautiful and lovely they are. That is why they have sent stories and poems and songs down for children, for every child in the world and that means YOU ! 
Now….some people say they think maybe I was dreaming when I saw the Teddies in my garden that day and they wonder if the Magical Teddies are really true………………!

Well all I can say is the Magical Teddies seemed very real to me that day out in the garden, and we have their stories, songs, poems and pictures of them to show for it don't we ? And that’s the most important thing! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Listen to the Magical Teddies Uplifting Songs
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