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    From the Magical Rainbow Teddies

Children's Uplifting and Inspiring Songs, Stories and Poems 

Great news, our new CD PRECIOUS TREASURES is out now see below!

The Magical Rainbow Teddies came down to Earth from the rainbow stars to search for the precious, special and beautiful treasure that would make them happy again and bring back their colours.

They found many beautiful things on Earth, mountains and seas and flowers and trees, and castles and treasures and jewels and gold

But none of these things made them really HAPPY and their colours did not come back!
To find out what the MAGICAL RAINBOW TEDDIES found to make them happy and bring back their colours!
Marcella Sharp
Marcella and the Magical Rainbow Teddies BELIEVE in CHILDREN and want children all over the world to know how special, precious and lovely they are! Our songs, stories,poems and themes strive to enhance children's sense of their uniqueness, loveliness and self-worth and  encourage children to use their imaginations, spontaneity and creativity while continuously affirming and honouring children's intrinsic value, specialness and potential.
Great News Children!
The Magical Rainbow Teddies have sent lots of new songs and poems down to Earth for children everywhere, to remind you how special, precious and lovely you are. Their latest CD is called
Precious Treasures
Buy it Here
We hope you like it, and that you listen to the songs over and over again, especially at night before you go to sleep so you can know and always remember all the lovely messages sent to you by the Magical Rainbow Teddies.
CD $16 including postage worldwide!
Love from the Magical Rainbow Teddies and Marcella
Children's Uplifting Songs,Stories and Poems for Toddlers, Pre and Primary School Children created by Marcella Sharp and the Magical Rainbow Teddies to enhance children's self-esteem, individuality and self confidence and remind children how precious, special, good and loveable they are!
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